Thank you for visiting the Global Forest Registry (GFR)

The GFR site has been closed, since the risk information previously jointly published on this website by NEPCon, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Rainforest Alliance, is now available on different platforms. To access the risk information, please proceed to one of the following sources, depending on your needs and interests.

NEPCon Sourcing Hub

NEPCon has launched its own comprehensive risk platform, called NEPCon Sourcing Hub. In the Sourcing Hub you can find comprehensive risk assessments for over 60 countries worldwide. There are risk assessments related to forestry, beef, soy and palm oil. Many of the risk assessments related to forestry are based on the FSC risk assessments for controlled wood.

FSC CW Risk Assessments

All FSC Controlled Wood risk assessments that are mandatory for use by FSC certificate holders sourcing controlled material are now published directly on FSC own website.

Please proceed to this page to access FSC risk assessments.

More information about the FSC risk assessments, as well as schedule for the ongoing processes can be found here.